Patient Connect Portal

Take Control of Your Medical Records

Patient Connect Portal is a secure, digital platform that helps individuals take control of their health with easy access to medical records and images. Understanding your unique health history is critical for your doctors to make informed decisions. By being a digital steward of your health data, you help keep them informed.

The Challenge 

Exchanging medical images is a chronic challenge in health care. Gaining control of your medical records and images can be a burdensome, time-consuming process.The Solution

If you have an interstitial lung disease or other chronic pulmonary disease, you likely require care across different doctors and locations over time. Keeping track of medical records and imaging studies can be difficult. With a centralized location to compile all these data, your health history is organized and follows you wherever you seek care.

The ILD Collaborative is now offering Patient Connect Portal by Life Image, an electronic solution that makes it easy to manage your health data. Patient Connect Portal creates a longitudinal record of your health history to help manage routine or long-term care. With one place to collect and store all of your medical records and diagnostic images over time, and with the ability to share them across your care team, you bridge the gap between you and your doctors and create an comprehensive picture of your health history.

Request Access 

Please fill out your contact information below, and we will contact you to help you get started with creating your Patient Connect Portal account. Dedicated ILD Collaborative staff will assist you with navigating the platform or resolving any issues.