We are a team of patients, scientists, health care providers and health IT innovators who believe in patient-centered, team-based care and research. We are passionate about improving health outcomes and quality of life, and empowering holistically supported patients. We come together in an authentic partnership to reimagine and reshape patients’ care and health research. We experience firsthand how traditional care delivery paradigms do not effectively leverage the incredible human potential of patients and their physicians, and how research does not sufficiently address the real-world needs of patients and those who care for them. As patients, researchers, clinicians and biomedical technologists, we understand the imperfection of the human body, the limitations of science and the incompleteness of information. We add the power of tailored technology to integrate, contextualize and use health data caringly, objectively and productively. Our enduring commitment is to establish a new reality of integrated, connected quality care and of relevant, collaborative research.

What are facts? In themselves, even if correct and not distorted by [...] bias, facts cannot only be meaningless, they can be untrue by their very selection, taking attention away from what is relevant, or scattering and fragmenting one’s thinking so much that one is less capable of making meaningful decisions the more “information” one has received. The selection of facts implies evaluation and choice.The awareness of this is a necessary condition of making rational use of facts.

— Erich Fromm in the "The Revolution of Hope: Toward a Humanized Technology" (1968)

First name Last namesort descending Category
headshots-nour_assad.jpg Nour Assad MD Nour Assad Physician
headshots-linda-atkinson.jpg Linda Atkinson Linda Atkinson Patient Advisor, Trustee
headshots-aliaa_barakat.jpg Aliaa Barakat PhD Aliaa Barakat Leadership, Trustee
headshots-katharine_black.jpg Katharine Black MD Katharine Black Physician
headshots-lisa_corneau.png Lisa Corneau RRT, MS, BSCIS Lisa Corneau Respiratory Therapist
headshots-jessica_garton.jpg Jessica Garton DPT, OCS, CLT Jessica Garton Pulmonary Rehab Therapist
headshots-fiona_gibbons.png Fiona Gibbons MD Fiona Gibbons Physician
headshots-leo_ginns.png Leo Ginns MD Leo Ginns Physician
headshots-pam_goddard.png Pam Goddard Pam Goddard Family Advisor
headshots-robert_hallowell.png Robert Hallowell MD Robert Hallowell Leadership, Physician, Trustee
headshots-karen_kilgore.png Karen Kilgore PhD Karen Kilgore Patient Advisor
headshots-rachel_knipe.png Rachel Knipe MD Rachel Knipe Physician
headshots-veronika-kruta.jpg Veronika Kruta Veronika Kruta Contributor
headshots-peter_lacamera.jpg Peter LaCamera MD Peter LaCamera Leadership, Physician
headshot-jillian_lokere.png Jillian Lokere MS Jillian Lokere Contributor
headshots-sydney_montesi.jpg Sydney Montesi MD Sydney Montesi Physician
headshots-karla_schlichtmann.png Karla Schlichtmann RRT Karla Schlichtmann Respiratory Therapist
headshots-barry-shea.jpg Barry Shea MD Barry Shea Physician
headshots-gary-shuman.jpg Gary Shuman Gary Shuman Patient Advisor