Typical IPF Patient Journey Infographic

The typical IPF patient journey is illustrated in the infographic below. Click on the various points in the journey to read short articles with more information. Note that the infographic depicts the typical journey, which is far from the ideal journey. We hope that people with IPF will transform their journey from the typical one into one that better serves their needs. A key tool that allows patients to transform their journey is good supportive care. Supportive care is essential to manage bothersome symptoms, improve quality of life, provide practical advice, build up hope, and provide social support. We know that symptoms can be difficult to manage. In addition, a lack of information about what is happening and what to expect adds to the worry and exhaustion. Social isolation, depression, and anxiety are often the result for people living with ILD, and for their caregivers as well. The good news is that supportive care is available starting soon after diagnosis. For more information on supportive care, click here.