Pam Goddard

Family Advisor

Pam Goddard is the daughter of the former Nat Goddard who started the Cape Cod ILD Collaborative Support Group. Nat and Pam initially attended the Boston ILDC Support Group which was a life altering experience for both of them. For the first time in 10 years Nat was finally learning about his disease from scientifically and medically sound sources. Attending the support group meetings together was a special time for both Pam and Nat. By the spring of 2019 the trips to Boston became too difficult for Nat so he started the Cape Cod meetings with Aliaa’s help. In honor of Nat’s final wish, Pam continues to support and attend the Cape Cod ILDC group meetings; assisting with logistics and sharing her experiences as a caregiver and daughter of an ILD patient. When not supporting the ILD Collaborative, Pam works as a biologist for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center studying deep-sea corals and sponges and caring for elder family members and neighbors.